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Patient Care Technician

This is a certificate program that offers classroom instruction and related clinical practice. This program offers the opportunity to master multiple skills as well as the opportunity to either specialize in a chosen field or make use of all learned skills in an acute care center.Students learn entry-level skills for being a nurse assistant, phlebotomy specialist, EKG monitor technician, and advanced nursing.

Patient Care Assistant Course

Certified Nurse Assistant

Our Nurse Assistant Program introduces basic learning skills for entry-level jobs. It explains the role of the Nurse Assistant within a healthcare team. Students learn basic nursing skills, personal care and hygiene skills, methods of specimen collection, ambulation assisting techniques, and standards for observing and reporting to immediate supervisors.

CNA Classes

Phlebotomy Tech Hybrid

This course is a hybrid course, which means students complete part of the course online. Students must be able to obtain access to a computer and reliable Internet as well as be disciplined to complete assignments by their deadlines. Students learn to read and understand lab test orders in different medical settings, basic tubes, and chemical compositions, as well as learn to select, assemble, and use applicable equipment.

Hybrid phlebotomy course

Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistants are trained in a diverse skill set with the goal of being fully functional in the medical office including in administrative work, basic clinical procedures, and assistance with examinations and lab work. Duties include answering telephones, scheduling appointments, an performing bookkeeping-related functions. Students learn to obtain medical health information and record health histories, vital signs, and height and weight.

Medical Assistant Training

Computer Support Specialist

This course provides knowledge and training on intermediate to advanced PC repair and maintenance. Students obtain hands-on experience by performing advanced PC software repairs while providing excellent customer service and industry-aligned service to employers. Additional knowledge students gain includes advanced configuration and installation of operating systems and troubleshooting personal computers.

Computer Support Training

Network Support Specialist

This program focuses on the design, implementation, and management of linked systems of computers, peripherals, and associated software to maximize efficiency and productivity, and prepares students to function as network specialists and managers at various levels.

Network Support Training