How Much Does A Phlebotomist Make in Texas?

How Much Does A Phlebotomist Make in Texas?

Any career change you make should improve both your life and your salary. If you want to enter the healthcare field without spending years studying, and make more than you currently do at your minimum-wage job, then consider a career in phlebotomy. This entry-level healthcare role has more than entry-level benefits to offer you.

Phlebotomy salaries are above minimum wage

Currently, the federal and Texas minimum wage sit at $7.25 per hour, or about $15,000 a year. If you currently work a minimum wage job, you could improve this number in about 5 weeks by pursuing a certification in phlebotomy. The phlebotomist role, even upon entry to the field with little to no experience, offers a salary that is almost 2.5 times the minimum wage.

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As of 2021, the median hourly wage for a phlebotomist in Texas was $17.97 per hour. This translates into a median annual salary of $37,380. If you are currently earning less than this, the phlebotomist role offers a promising opportunity to not only make a difference in others’ lives but to also make a difference in yours.

Phlebotomy salaries exceed Texas’ median salary

In addition to exceeding the minimum wage, the entry level wage for a phlebotomist is also more than you can earn, on average, in Texas. Currently, the median salary for an entry level position in Texas is $14 an hour. With an entry level wage of almost $18 an hour, phlebotomy offers a greater reward for your hard work and dedication to others.

Phlebotomists can earn more over time

The numbers cited above are only average, entry-level, salaries for phlebotomists. Over time, you can expect your salary to increase from this base number. There are several different ways that a phlebotomist can make more in Texas the longer they are in their career.


The longer you work in phlebotomy, the more knowledgeable and skilled you will become in the job’s requirements. As a result, most employers pay in accordance with your level of experience. The more time you spend in the role, the higher your salary should be.


In addition, phlebotomy serves as an entryway to a number of other, more specialized (and higher paying) healthcare fields. You could, for example, specialize within the field of phlebotomy and become a traveling phlebotomist, a pediatric phlebotomist, a collections phlebotomy specialist and more. Or, you could use your experience in phlebotomy to advance into a managerial role.

In addition, you can move into other healthcare fields with a little extra education and additional certifications. For example, you could move from phlebotomy to certified nurse assistant (CNA), medical assistant, or EKG technician.

These fields could open the way for you to expand both your skills and your salary. As you grow in your career, the sky’s the limit in terms of the success, personal and financial, that you experience.

Increase your salary in 5 weeks

Patient Blood Draw by Doctor. People Donate And Test

Clearly, the phlebotomy role is a promising way to increase your income and pursue a career you find rewarding. Even better? When you choose to pursue phlebotomy with Careers Unlimited, you can complete your training in about 5 weeks.

What if you could double your salary in just a couple of months? What if you entered a career where you could grow in less than a single season of the year? Phlebotomy could be the way to go. This growing healthcare field is in high demand and there is no end in sight to the need for individuals who are skilled at drawing blood.

Not only could you work in almost any healthcare setting, make a difference in patients’ lives, and serve on the front lines of healthcare, but you could start making significantly more money than you are right now.

At Careers Unlimited, we have many courses available to help you get started in healthcare. Our phlebotomy course is offered on a hybrid model, which allows you to complete part of the course online. Combined with Saturday and evening classes, this course makes it easy to change your life and increase your income quickly. Contact us today to learn more or to start the enrollment process.

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