How Much Does a Patient Care Technician Make?

How Much Does a Patient Care Technician Make?

Wondering how much does a patient care technician make? Your salary will depend on a lot of factors. To help you understand better, we will cover the average salary a patient care technician (PCT) can make in McAllen, Texas. Furthermore, we will also discuss the average patient care technician salary in 2024 in different states, cities, and settings. Let’s delve deeper.

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Factors Affecting the Patient Care Technician Salary in 2024


Experience determines your hourly, monthly, and yearly salary as a PCT. Entry-level positions that don’t require much time and expertise usually attract a lower salary than PCT tasks that require more expertise.

For instance, a dialysis patient care technician can collect a higher salary than an assistant patient care technician. The more specific your specialization, the higher the salary you can earn.

City and state

The average salary will also differ depending on the city and state of your employment. Some cities in Texas may provide more for the same tasks than others. The salary difference is based on each city’s economic conditions, infrastructure, employment rate, and other socio-economic factors.

Big cities and states pay comparatively more for the role of PCT than less developed states.

Healthcare centers

The average salary of a patient care technician also varies from one healthcare facility to another. Hospitals can provide a higher salary than clinics. Similarly, well-established healthcare facilities can give out higher hourly rates than lesser-known hospitals due to better infrastructure, more patient footfall, and other obvious reasons.

Additional certifications

Besides applying for PCT positions in big cities and hospitals, a patient care technician should also enhance their skills to get a better salary.

Along with being a patient care technician, you can join courses that can add skills to your resume. As a PCT, you can elevate your skills by being a clinical medical assistant specializing in hybrid phlebotomy and other related skills to increase your chances of getting hired with a better salary.

Hourly Rate of Patient Care Technicians in McAllen

The average hourly rate a patient care technician can expect to collect in McAllen, as per, is around $14.92 per hour, which is equivalent to the national average. This hourly rate is for PCTs with 1 to 3 years of experience.

Patient care technicians with more experience can expect their hourly rate to increase up to $19.29, as per Indeed. This data is based on the six salary reports submitted to Indeed.

On the other hand, the average hourly rate estimates on are nearly the same and stand at $14.94 per hour. This data estimate was made with the help of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center.

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The Average Yearly Salary of a Patient Care Technician in McAllen

On average, as per, you should be able to collect $31,081 a year as a middle-level patient care technician.

The yearly PCT salary estimate for entry-level positions is $23,000, whereas for high-level positions, the patient care technician can earn up to $40,000 annually.

Per the latest data released by, the salary estimates for PCT have seen an upward trend. According to their estimates, the average salary of a dialysis PCT is $37,993, which is a bit higher than Zippia’s estimates. A high-experience PCT can collect up to $46,719, as per

Highest-Paying Hospitals in McAllen For Patient Care Technicians

Working in a well-reputed hospital as a patient care technician will increase your salary prospects and help you climb the growth ladder. Good healthcare facilities with multiple branches provide more growth opportunities and exposure.

In this regard, here are the top-paying healthcare centers in McAllen:

  • Rio Grande Regional Hospital, $16 per hour
  • South Texas Health System, $17 per hour

Other hospitals nearby McAllen that provide up to $21 per hour to a PCT include:

  • Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Centre, Massachusetts
  • Parkland Health and Hospital, Dallas
  • Memorial Herman Health System, Houston
  • Emanate Health, CA
  • WakeMed, North Carolina

The Highest-Paying Cities Near Mcallen for Patient Care Technicians

You can look for positions as patient care technicians in cities nearby McAllen for a better salary. You can prefer these highest-paying cities in McAllen. The data is as per

  • Penitas, TX, with $15 per hour
  • Doffing, TX, with $15 per hour
  • Perezville, TX, with $15 per hour
  • La Homa, TX, with $15 per hour

Other cities like Mission, Edinburg, and Pharr also provide good pay, and there aren’t any significant changes in the hourly rate.

Change in Average Patient Care Technician Salary in McAllen By Year

Can you expect to gather more as a patient care technician in 2024? Yes, as per the past data, the salary of a patient care technician is rising. Here is the percentage change in average PCT salary over the past five years:

  • Estimated 2024: 32,297
  • 2023: $31,100 (+3.85%)
  • 2022: $29,900 (+4.68%)
  • 2021: 28,500 (+3.83%)
  • 2020: 27,400

The average salary in McAllen for PCT is a bit lower than the national average. The average patient care technician salary in the US for the following years is:

  • 2023: $32,800
  • 2022: $31,600
  • 2021: $30,800
  • 2020: $29,700

The Median Income in McAllen

Is the average salary of PCT enough to live a good life in McAllen? According to, the average salary in McAllen is around $33,150, which comes to $16 per hour. This is close to the average salary a patient care technician gets in McAllen.

Moreover, the cost of living in McAllen, TX, is 21% lower than the national average. The average cost of living in McAllen, as per, is $1,472, which is around $17,664 annually.

Henceforth, an average salary of PCT is enough to live a good life in McAllen. Moreover, as you boost your experience and skills, you have a scope to earn more.

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The average hourly rate of a PCT in McAllen is around $14.67 per hour. The average salary of a PCT ranges from $23,000 to $46719. If you can collect an average salary in line with your experience and skills, this would be enough to live a quality life in McAllen.

Furthermore, being a patient care technician is a high-stakes and highly demanding job. After completing a PCT course, you can also be a network support specialist, clinical medical assistant, emergency room technician, or health technician and raise your bar of excellence.

If you have decided, you can become a PCT in McAllen within six months. All you need to do is apply for the PCT course from a recognized institute, get the PCT training, pass the certification exam, and obtain the PCT certification from a recognized government agency, all within six months.

To learn more and to get started with the patient care technician coursecontact us today.

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