Medical Assistant Job Outlook in Texas

Medical Assistant Job Outlook in Texas

Medical Assistant Job Outlook in Texas: 7 Things To Know

Clinical medical assistants are indispensable members of almost any healthcare setting. With skills ranging from administrative expertise to competence in clinical procedures and lab work, they have the unique ability to assist any medical setting with many necessary tasks. And, thanks to a growing demand for these healthcare professionals, receiving medical assistant training is a smart way to jumpstart a secure healthcare career. Here is a look at the medical assistant job outlook, and why undertaking this job could transform your career.

Clinical medical assistants are in high demand

The whole country wants more clinical medical assistants, and Texas is no exception. With a growing population, people living longer, and medical technology expanding, the state and the nation both face increasing demand for healthcare.

As an integral part of the healthcare landscape, they also face a growing need for medical assistants. In fact, the Bureau of Labor of Statistics expects demand for medical assistants to grow a whopping 14 percent by 2032, indicating a rate of growth much faster than the average.

That demand spells job security for people like you who want to transform their careers without worrying about landing in another dead-end job. With the right training program, you could be prepared to enter a field where jobs will always be readily available, in Texas and beyond.

Male medical assistant working with laptop at table in clinic.

Medical assistants can work anywhere

Getting your CMA training also equips you to spread your wings into whatever location or healthcare setting you desire. Don’t be tied down to one location because of your job. Clinical medical assistants are in high demand throughout Texas and the country, from big cities to rural locales.

And, they are needed across medical settings. Love the bustle of the hospital? Crave the quieter environment of a doctor’s office? Want to work in an outpatient clinic? Looking to work in a more specialized field, like a chiropractic office? Clinical medical assistants are needed everywhere. If you want to customize your career, this is the one to choose. You can even use your skills to explore a variety of healthcare settings to discover where you fit best.

Clinical medical assistants do better with a certification

In the state of Texas, you do not have to have a CMA certification in order to get a job as one. However, certification is the single most important step you can take to secure your future as a medical assistant. This document demonstrates your proficiency in the field, making you a more employable job candidate. In addition, most employers will require you to have a certification in order to hire you, thereby expanding your job opportunities if you have one. Since training through Careers Unlimited only takes you about 7 months to complete, you could position yourself for a successful and flexible career in less time than an average school year.

CMAs earn a competitive salary

While medical assistant is an entry-level healthcare position, it does not come with the minimum wage job you usually associate with these kinds of starter positions. Instead, even brand-new CMAs can expect to earn a salary of about $18 an hour, more than $38,000 a year. Plus, as you gain experience, you can expect to enjoy a growing salary. Thanks to this upward income trajectory, the job outlook for a clinical medical assistant is overwhelmingly positive.

Technology is an integral part of the medical assistant job

Advancements in healthcare technology are also impacting the job outlook and requirements of clinical medical assistants. Today, CMAs can expect to encounter electronic health records, spreadsheets, blood analyzers, testing machines, and other technology that did not exist even a few years ago.

As a result, if you wish to become a medical assistant, securing your future should include training in an accredited and state-of-the-art program that can help you gain proficiency in the necessary technologies. And, once you earn your certification, you will need to remain abreast of the technological changes that can impact your job.

Young female receptionist working with patients in clinic

Medical assistants have broad job responsibilities

The flexibility and versatility of the clinical medical assistant position also come with a wide range of job responsibilities. Included in their job description are administrative tasks, patient care, healthcare provider assistance, lab work, and more.

While this range of responsibilities makes CMAs indispensable, valuable, and in demand, it also means that should you decide to pursue this profession, you will need to be prepared to successfully execute a wide range of tasks on a daily basis. This will require you to obtain a thorough education in every aspect of the job so that you can assist where needed in your chosen healthcare setting

Networking and professional development are a must for CMAs

There is a whole world of professional organizations, conferences, and continuing education opportunities for clinical medical assistants and related healthcare fields. If you wish to grow in your career, receive mentorship and support, and continue to sharpen your skills, you will want to engage in these networking and professional development opportunities. Taking advantage of these opportunities will equip you to (1 Stay abreast of your field, (2 Become aware of job openings, (3 Take advantage of growth opportunities, and (4 Develop rewarding and supportive relationships in your field.

If the strong job outlook and high-paying salary of the clinical medical assistant appeals to you, consider enrolling in Careers Unlimited CMA course. Looking for a different path in healthcare? We also offer courses in phlebotomy, clinical nurse assistant, technology support, and more. Prepare for your future today at Careers Unlimited.

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Medical Assistant Job Outlook in Texas

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Medical Assistant Job Outlook in Texas: 7 Things To Know
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