New Year, New Career: How to Kickstart Your Medical Career in Rio Grande Valley in 2023

New Year, New Career: How to Kickstart Your Medical Career in Rio Grande Valley in 2023

Do you dream of helping other people? Do you imagine yourself working in a healthcare environment? Do you desire an in-demand job that makes a difference? Then 2023 may be the year to ditch your dead-end job and embrace a new, exciting, and more lucrative adventure in the healthcare field.

Before you start to worry about finances, years of study, and finding a job, consider these little-known facts about getting started in a medical career. It may just be faster, easier, and more affordable than you expect.

Choose an entry-level career with room for growth.

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You don’t have to start as a nurse, physician’s assistant, doctor, or surgeon. In fact, the healthcare field is full of entry-level positions that allow you to apply your compassion and intelligence while positioning you to grow in your career.

For example, at Careers Unlimited, our clinical medical assistant course gives you broad spectrum training in everything from administrative work to drawing blood. Use it as a jumping point to pursue phlebotomy, nursing, or other careers, or simply enjoy the versatility this course provides to choose the healthcare setting in which you work.

Focus on an in-demand career.

Healthcare jobs in general are in high demand. About 14 percent of the American population already works within the medical field. By 2029, jobs in this field are expected to grow by 15 percent.

As a result, moving into the healthcare sector can be a smart choice, no matter which job you pursue. However, there are certain positions that are much more flexible, versatile, and needed than others. Before choosing a course to study, educate yourself about which are the most in-demand positions and then pursue training in one of those (e.g. in CNA courses in McAllen).

Doing so will equip you to pursue, and land, a position in a healthcare setting of your choice after graduation. And that can lead to a successful and rewarding career that you do not have to wait long to enjoy.

Here at Careers Unlimited, all of our courses offer training in some of the most needed positions in healthcare, from clinical medical assistant to phlebotomist to CNA. Plus, most of our positions are available across a wide variety of medical settings. That makes it easier for you to find the job you desire after you finish your course.

Find a program that you can complete this year.

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Kickstarting your new career does NOT mean starting 8-12 years of medical studies. The BEST way to get started in the medical field is to choose an entry level position that you can easily prepare for in 2023.

At Careers Unlimited, our courses take anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 months to complete. That’s it! Once completed, you can easily pursue certification and start looking for a job. What if you could leave your current position and start earning MORE in the job of your dreams, all by the time Christmas rolls around again? If you choose a career like clinical medical assistant or phlebotomist, chances are you CAN!

Prioritize flexibility.

You work. You may have a family. Your life is already busy. If concerns about your schedule have kept you from kickstarting your new career in previous years, it may be time to rethink what is required to prepare for the medical field.

At Careers Unlimited, we offer high-quality training that allows you to study at your own pace. That means you can choose from evening or even Saturday classes, tap into career support services that make finding a job easier, and more! A great career does NOT have to mean years of study. Let us show you how!

Insist on quality.

Any healthcare career, even that of network support specialist, involves people’s health and wellbeing. If you are going to help people achieve their maximum health potential, you need to be highly-trained and thoroughly prepared for the demands of your new job. Here are a few ways Careers Unlimited ensures that you receive the training you deserve:

  • Mentors with years of experience
  • Comprehensive classes
  • Hands-on experience
  • Clinical practice
  • In-depth job readiness training

Don’t just enter the medical field. Enter it prepared to succeed with the tools, knowledge, and experience you need to give patients the best possible care.

Make sure your course is affordable.


Your dream career shouldn’t not leave you buried under mountains of debt. If concerns about finances have prevented you from switching jobs, then you may not have been looking in the right places.

At Careers Unlimited, we believe that you should graduate without entering excessive debt. That is why we offer flexible financing options that include paying only $59 a month (for those who qualify). We also offer scholarships and personalized financial aid packages. We want to see you succeed, so we make sure our courses are within your financial reach.

Stop waiting to pursue your new career.

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If time and money were no longer obstacles, would you still be going to your dead-end job every day? If the answer is no, then it might be time to start with Careers Unlimited. Now is the time to make 2023 the year you pursue a new career in an in-demand field. Apply today or learn more about the flexible, affordable courses we can offer you! From our patient care technician course to our hybrid phlebotomy course, we have the tools you need to thrive!

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