How to Renew Your Phlebotomy License in TX: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Renew Your Phlebotomy License in TX: Step-by-Step Guide

As a phlebotomist in Texas, renewing your license regularly is a good idea. Even though there are no state requirements, a license will make you look more credible, thus opening up more, and higher-paying, job opportunities.
In this article, we will explain how to renew your phlebotomy license in the Lone Star State in the fewest steps possible.


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Is it Necessary to Renew My Phlebotomy License in Texas?

Many healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists must acquire and maintain relevant licenses to continue their careers.
But that’s not the case with phlebotomists. In Texas, phlebotomists do not have to renew their licensing by law. In fact, they are not required to obtain a license in order to work in Texas. However, many employers in Texas will require a license before they hire you, making licensure an important part of finding, maintaining, and growing in your phlebotomy career. Once you have your license, renewing it regularly, preferably every 2 years, can keep your licensure current and ensure an uninterrupted career.


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Renewing Your Phlebotomy License in Texas: Step by Step

If you hold a phlebotomy license in Texas, it’s a good idea to get it renewed, even if it’s not required by law. Renewing your Texas phlebotomy license every two years is recommended to maintain professional status.
Here are the steps involved:

Check if renewal is possible

Usually, as long as you pursue renewal before your license expires, you should have no trouble with the process. However, once your license does expire, you must go through the training, coursework, and exams to obtain them again. Renew before your license expires in order to avoid having to go through the coursework again.
You can check if renewal is possible by going through the website or contacting the institute. You should get the details within the same day.

Check the Renewal Requirements

The next step is to read through and understand what it takes to get the phlebotomy license renewed. Some programs only require you to apply for the renewal, while others may involve some coursework and hands-on training. It varies from license to license.
So, if your phlebotomy license is renewable, check the requirements. Most programs have this information on their website or the program brochure. So, go through them. Ensure to access the most updated ones. The requirements change now and then; understanding the most updated renewal requirements is important.

Pay renewal fees

Most phlebotomy licenses carry a renewal fee that allows for the processing of your license’s renewal. While checking the renewal requirements, take note of the renewal fees. It can range anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars.
Then go ahead and pay the required fees. You will likely be able to make your payment online using your credit or debit card for easy completion of this important step.

Sit for the exam or interview

Some licensing institutes require you to sit for an exam or attend an interview to renew your phlebotomy license. These exams or interviews ensure that you have up-to-date knowledge of your field, since information changes rapidly. You can prepare for this step by taking relevant continuing education courses that will keep you up to date on all of the most recent phlebotomy information.
So, if the program demands, sit for the exam or interview and pass it with flying colors.

Obtain your renewed phlebotomy license

After you pass the test, you will receive your renewed license. It will be shipped to you via mail or e-mail. Either way, it is your chance to show prospective employers that you have renewed your license and are fit to continue working as a phlebotomist.


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Should I renew my phlebotomy license in Texas?

If you’ve obtained a phlebotomy license, it’s highly recommended to renew it. Doing so will open up higher-paying positions and show employers your dedication to the field. It’s recommended to renew the license every two years or upon its expiration. Check the license details to see when it is set to expire, and renew it before the due date.

What should I do if my current license is expired?

If your existing phlebotomy license is not renewable, consider the phlebotomy tech hybrid certification program offered by Careers Unlimited in Texas. It’s a five-week program designed to certify you in the phlebotomy field. You can show it to prospective employers and get hired over your peers. And it’s renewable, too. So, upon expiry, you can simply request a new one without going through the program.

Can I work outside Texas with a phlebotomy license obtained in the state?

Usually, yes, you can work as a phlebotomist in another state using your Texas certification. In fact, many states, like Texas, do not require a license or certification for phlebotomists but provide more opportunities to those with licensure. While you should double-check with the state where you wish to work, an up-to-date certification can make it easier to get employment in your preferred location.

Can I advance my career after obtaining a phlebotomy license?

Yes, a phlebotomy license opens up doors to other career options. You can work as a phlebotomist and gain experience. And on the side, you have the option of earning other certifications by taking up online courses. Related programs like clinical medical assistant and patient care technician courses will make you eligible for higher positions.

Is financial aid available for phlebotomy training?

Yes, some places, like Careers Unlimited, offer financial aid for training. You need to speak to a career consultant to get more details on the aids available. Eligible candidates will receive partial or complete coverage for their education.

If you are ready to pursue a phlebotomy career and embrace a rewarding healthcare job, consider our phlebotomy hybrid course. By taking some of your courses online, you can advance your career when and where you desire, and ditch that dead-end job for good!

For more information, contact us today.

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