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Training Program

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On Campus

Course Length

Approximately 5 Months

What is a Patient Care Technician?

Selfless compassion and confident skill define the patient care technician. In this entry-level position, you will offer more than just medical care. You will also deliver daily living support to patients across a wide array of healthcare settings. If you want to advance your career even further, you can go on to specialize in a number of fields and positions, including in home health care, multiple settings within hospitals, nursing homes, hospice agencies, physician’s offices, and community clinics.

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Program Objective

When you choose our patient care technician program, you choose options for your healthcare career. With a single program, you equip yourself to specialize in a chosen field, or make use of all your learned skills in an acute care center. Looking to be a nurse assistant, phlebotomy specialist, EKG monitor technician, or nurse? Start here.

After successful completion of all course requirements, we can help you get the certifications you want, too. You will be eligible to take the National Healthcare Association examination for Patient Care Technician, and we can provide you with the National Health Career Association certification examinations for Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomist, and EKG Technician.

A patient care technician is a medical professional who performs basic medical tasks, assists patients with the activities of daily living, and completes other tasks related to patient support and care.

A patient care technician works under the supervision of doctors and nurses to complete basic medical tasks such as taking vital signs. At times, they may take blood or administer medication. In addition, patient care technicians often assist patients with activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, or toileting. .

Combine classroom learning with hands-on clincial experience in our course. Master multiple skills and take advantage of the opportunity to either specialize in a chosen field or make use of all learned skills in an acute care center. Students learn entry-level skills for being a nurse assistant, phlebotomy specialist, EKG monitor technician, and advanced nursing.

Once you complete this course, we make it easy to obtain the certification you desire to continue your career. At Careers Unlimited, we provide certification exams for Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomist, and EKG Technician. Once you pass one or more of these exams, you may pursue employment in your chosen field.

In order to enroll, you must Pass a criminal background check. Be at least 17 years of age. Have proof of a GED or high school diploma. Pass the Ability to Benefit Test in lieu of a high school diploma. Pass the employee misconduct registry check (EMR). Pass a drug screening.

Patient care technician classes in Texas often cost between about $1,500 and $2,600 for the course. Testing fees are commonly included in these expenses. In order to make your course more affordable, choose Careers Unlimited, where you may qualify for flexible financing, scholarships and more.

Most patient care technician courses require you to complete 600 hours of training and take between 6 months and a year to complete. At Careers Unlimited, you can finish your course in about 5 months, including hands-on training in a clinical setting.

Job Outlook

Quick Facts: Patient Care Technicians and Orderlies.

  • Summary

    The medical assistant field is set to grow 18 percent over the next 10 years, making it a rapidly expanding field with abundant job opportunities. With the possibility to move from patient care tech to other more specialized fields, and the opportunity to work in a number of healthcare settings, this role is a flexible, entry-level option for beginning a medical career.

  • Work Environment

    Patient care technicians work in many healthcare settings, including the following: Doctor's offices, hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare settings, and clinics. .

  • Pay

    In 2021, the median wage for medical assistants was the following: $37,190 per year $17.88 per hour

  • Similar Occupations

    Jobs similar to that of patient care tech include licensed nurses, nursing assistants and orderlies, occupational therapy technicians and aides, pharmacy technicians, physical therapist assistants and aides, psychiatric technicians and aides, and phlebotomists.

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